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Our walls hold secrets, private thoughts and actions. And, like our minds, we do not always choose to allow others to enter; it is a personal space where we, at times, can lock others out.

I created the experience of the illusion of privacy through the metaphor of the house, which can be easily trespassed. The structure reflects the simplicity of a child's drawing.

The illusion begins with the purity of white, as everything in and around the structure is white. Participants walk a pathway of white flowers to a lit and locked front door. This gives the feeling that they are not welcome. A track of private conversations and music reminiscent of home is heard from the interior.

As each person walks around the house, they may look through the windows or step through the open walls. Reality television has given us permission to enter, take a look around, and listen to what's being said.

When inside the house, the voyeurs see an empty chest of drawers, each lit from inside. We, as people, are exposed.

Song lyrics, referencing home, are carved on the inside of the locked door.

For those who wished to share a secret about the walls in which they live, white markers were provided for use on the windows. Usually, our lives are more transparent than we think.

My decision to use the home as a symbol has a personal connection. I have renovated derelict old homes with the guidance of my father, a carpenter by trade, a perfectionist by heart. He provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish many tasks in repairing homes. Once, when installing a lock set, he wisely told me that if anyone wants to enter a house, they will find a way. Be cautious! I feel that I am that house. I am cautious whom I allow to enter my life. This was our last project together. He helped me with drawing plans and accurate measurements to build this project. He then passed away only two weeks later.

This concept was developed from my walks and bike rides at night. I feel invisible. A lot is learned by seeing the way people choose to live...on the inside.

                   TD Gillispie with her father